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This week's discussion revolves around the last two psalms in the book of Psalms. We will learn how was G-d’s name praised in the temple and what parallelism is. We will also try to understand what was the criticism about one of the Psalms.

Please read Psalms 149-150 in order to be prepared for the lecture.

About the webinar speaker Eli Dahan - Biblical Hebrew teacher at eTeacher

Eli Dahan
Eli completed his MA at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in 2007 focusing on the Bible. In the last two years Eli teaches our Biblical Hebrew courses from level A to D, he writes our Newsletter, our blogs and the articles that relates to the Biblical and Modern Hebrew. In the last two months Eli is responsible for the weekly Webinar. Nowadays, he teaches Bible, Jewish Philosophy and Mathematics in ”The Beit Hinuch high school” in Jerusalem. He’s a homeroom teacher of the eleventh grade pupils. He is the social coordinator in his high Scholl, and he is responsible for all the educational programs there. Eli is married and has two children; he likes to dance and travel in the trail of Israel.

"Eli is a great teacher! He keeps everyone involved and also explains what is happening in the TANACH"

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